Social Responsibility of THHK


THHK philosophy of social responsibility

Corporate social responsibility is a voluntary commitment of companies to behave responsibly to the environment and the society in which they operate.

Commitments consist of three main areas:

  • Economic responsibility
  • Social responsibility
  • Environmental responsibility

This is a continuous commitment of the company to behave ethically, contribute to economic growth, while improving the quality of life for employees and their families, as well as local communities and society as a whole.

Corporate social responsibility is a voluntary integration of social and environmental considerations into everyday business operations and interactions with corporate stakeholders (business partners).


Tepelné hospodářství Hradec Králové a.s. is responsible to its surroundings. The part of the philosophy of our corporate activities is a strategy that contributes to the overall development of Hradec Králové.

We are responsible towards the environment and society, our responsibility relates to the environment, customers, suppliers, employees and the general public.

Tepelné hospodářství Hradec Králové follows the philosophy that was used by, for example, Tomáš Baťa. The activities of THHK are not related only to the corporate environment but also to the environment in which the company operates. Projects supported by Tepelné hospodářství Hradec Králové:

THHK Company, a.s. specialized in the area of social responsibility, in particular support of education, culture, youth sport and civic associations operating in Hradec Králové.