Quality and environmental policy for the period 2010 - 2012

I. In relation to customers and public

1. Be perceived by customers as a responsible distributor of heat and hot water in the area of Hradec Králové.
2. Evaluate the fulfilment of customer requirements, including complaints; monitor trends and take effective actions.
3. Contribute to the overall development of the city.
4. Be the exclusive supplier of heat and hot water via central distribution of heat.
5. Ensure the clarity of the company by making the needed data available.

II. In relation to the supplier and the company employees

1. Expand and enhance relationship with the strategic supplier of heat.
2. Create conditions for the professional growth of employees and thus contribute to achieving their personal goals.
3. Identify attitudes, views and opinions of employees and the state of their motivation to maintain the effectiveness of quality management and improvement.

III. In relation to shareholders

1. Strive for continuous growth of the value created by the company in accordance to shareholders interests.
2. Ensure the return of the investment, while maintaining a condition, where the final price is the lowest in the Republic.
3. Use modern techniques and tools for effective management, teamwork improvement and effective communication.
4. Reshape to a modern business company according to world standards, raise the technological level of the company.

IV. In relation to environment

1. Company management protects the environment in all its activities - technologically, technically and by personnel.
2. Continuous monitoring of waste legislation will ensure continuous alignment between the activities of the company and statutory and other requirements.
3. The company places a great emphasis on minimizing energy loss during the transmission from the supplier to customers.