Hradec Králové - Industrial heating of the city, history and current status

The first study for supplying the town of Hradce Králové with heat was created by the engineer Podroužek in 1958. There were also the first ideas to situate the power station Opatovice nad Labem between the neighbouring cities of Hradce Králové and Pardubice. Since then, there have been several studies and concepts of how to resolve the heat supply for Hradec Králové. So-called temporary block and household boiler rooms were built in the newly built housing estate Slezské Sever and SNP Avenue.

The first long line of hot-water pipes was built between 1960 and 1962. After this, the part of the city situated on the right bank of the river Elbe was connected until the heat supply from the power station Opatovice became available. This occurred in the years 1976-1985.

1968 marked a watershed moment for today's industrial heating of Hradec Králové. The formal Central Administration of Energy finally decided to use the power station Opatovice as an essential source of heating for the towns Hradec Králové, Pardubice and Chrudim.

Based on the decision of the Minister of Energy, in 1968 VČE Hradec Králové newly processed a solution of heating networks and in 1969 Energoprojekt Prague processed studies and the first project tasks. It was also decided that the preparation and implementation will be provided by the power station Opatovice.

In November 1974 the district heating system (CZT) was put into operation and it started the supply of heat to Hradec Králové from the power station in Opatovice nad Labem.

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