For Investors

Tepelné hospodářství Hradec Králové will provide for investors and developers the distribution of central heating and hot water into the buildings located in Hradec Králové and:

  • Supply of primary transmission station technology (connection to the primary network of the power station Opatovice, a.s.)
  • Connection to the secondary heat pipes owned by our company that are over 70 kms long
  • Supply of transmission station technology at the customer's premises on the secondary heat pipes

Technologies necessary for the connection to the central heat and hot water supply are generally owned by our company. Thanks to this the customer does not have to worry about heat and hot water and can enjoy maximum comfort for the lowest prices in the region compared to any other type of heating.

Each new case and connection request is assessed individually and evaluated in terms of investment return. It is very important that we are informed in the early stages of the project or about the investor's plans, so we can comment on this matter (especially before the plans for the heating system inside the building). Our employees have an extensive knowledge and years of experience, and are familiar with local conditions and specificities, so they can recommend more effective technical solutions.

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In the case of mutual agreement before the start of supply and the cooperation, both sides have to sign a Contract about the future contract (the SOB), which includes time, subject, operations, management, text about the heat supply, investment protections, sanctions and others. The standard version includes provisions such as:

1. establishment of free easements in terms of location, access and servicing the owner's technology (operator)
2. the latest date to obtain final inspection approval for the objects
3. the latest date for signing the contract about the heat supply SOB

SOB is altered according the specific project conditions and after mutual agreement there can be some additional provisions made. SOB has a statement of our company attached about how to ensure heating of the investor's object in terms of necessary official approval process.
Additional project management and participation of both parties is given by the contract and a timetable in SOB.

In the HK location the heating and hot water supply of new or renovated buildings can be provided variously and through different energy suppliers. To carefully evaluate the pros and cons, we recommend the investors to enquire about an offer from our company. In the HK location, our heating system is the most efficient way to heat buildings, and in housing the most effective way to provide the desired heating comfort for the customers. THHK Company is at the top in its field and provides superior service and operation of its equipment, which is extremely reliable and provides a smooth heat supply. The company has a consignment stock of suppliers, the latest technology to identify potential leakage and accidents; in which case the company remedy them as soon as possible. Consequently, our company is demanded to take over the servicing and maintenance of other technologies.  In addition to these demands, there are numerous acquisitions in terms of transmission technologies from the original owners. Our company is the only one in Hradec Králové that can afford to take on the servicing and maintenance with the implementation of new acquisitions on the larger scale. This is achieved by financial stability, risk assessment and opportunities in the long term rather than short or medium.